Err... not so good.

    20/12/14, 6:19 p.m

       Driving for the first time was hell. I mean, I know nothing about cars. And when I say nothing, it literally means NOTHING. And my driving teacher seems to be confusing the fact that I know nothing about driving that thing.

        I did terrible. Beyond terrible that random people would smack their heads on the tables. Who in the world would be expecting much from me? And yes, I feel like poop right now, thank you. And yes. I'm BEYOND insecure right now. I feel like I wanna cry but I realize that it's a waste to cry over such things hahaha ei ngade arr awak ni adoooo

          Not trying to be a brat or anything but I kinda wished boleh guna kereta auto instead of manual transmission. Gila nak putus tangan pulas stereng since I was a first timer, and trust me, it wasn't that great of a memory to be remembered. I've spent the night groaning because of my arms and legs ached so much. Ugh I'm traumatized.

        Maybe it's going to be better. Of course it wouldn't work, maybe I didn't try hard enough. Ayoyoyo everything's gonna be fine.