Talking about the future of a couch potato

   28/2/15  , 10.10 p.m.

       So. Am still freaking out about the result, and I still have about 3 days more less to keep feeling nervous about it. Yep. I started freaking today, from 2 a.m., my adrenaline started to pump out/release? (not sure if that's even logical) but yeah. I'm a nervous potato right now.

          Uhm, so after this adrenaline-wasting-phase, I will have to make some decisions. (Refer; decisions that are made right: it probably can make my life easier, or, wrong decisions: let's not talk about it.) And to even think about it, being an adult is hard. No no not complaining, just stating my opinion. Um. I know what I want to be, I can see the flow but you see, sometimes life can really be messed up. Yes I am the most skeptical human alive hohoho. Hah just kidding. (Haha?)

          I want to be a lawyer or an English teacher. I definitely lack of self-confidence. I'm not even sure if I'm capable of doing it. I mean, I'd love to try the adventurous life of being a lawyer; I started to have thoughts about being a lawyer when I found out that I am deeply obsessed in politics.

          And about being an English teacher? I'm not sure. Its just because I love the language, and I love to spread knowledge to people, eventhough most of the times people never understood the things that I explained to them because I simply suck at explaining things but hey, there are still many things to learn. There must be some teaching skills that I don't know and I can totally learn on how to do that. Kan?
          Still, I leave all the plans to Allah. Takpe kita usaha, and then terima everything as it is. That's how I understand the concept of tawakkul.   Hah look at me typing so much. Entah la nak. Fening la fening. I suck at writing conclusions in essays and yeah, I still suck. Assalamualaikum heheh

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