Nervous nervous

9/3/15, 10:05 p.m.

          So today I got my last driving lesson, and the day after tomorrow I'll be taking my JPJ test. Huish gila tak nebes kakmah. But I'm very very thankful, alhamdulillah. Today I did quite okay, not being boastful or anything. I'm just grateful, Allah has heard my prayers. Some people might think that driving is so easy, why would I be making such a fuss about it? Well let's just say, I'm not that great at driving. And for the first time in my life, today I had fun driving. Like seriously.
          And yeah. Got my SPM results. 4As, 1B+, 3Cs and 1E((addmths UGH)). My BM haih. I wanted an A so so bad for that subject. Addmath sucked. And it still sucks. Boo. I'm not sure about furthering my studies, aish nak cakap cane eh, I WANT to study. If I get an offer, alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah. But the costs nowadays are so so expensive. I mean learning shouldn't be this hard. I'm thinking about continuing Form 6, since private universities need a lot money. And a lot means really A. LOT.  Yeah.

          And Alia is putting henna on my toe nails since she can't wear any because of her school's protocol. And I am so addicted to henna these days. My life will be so dull without her and my family. Sigh.

            May Allah grant us prosperity and happiness, and give us strength for the tests given. Aamin :) good night!

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