Skin problems

Wednesday, 22 March 2017, 8:52 p.m.

          Okay so this is a quick update about my skin condition right now. My skin is suddenly breaking out, for several reasons. First, I tried 3 new products after I stopped using DNARS day cream for sensitive skin. The reason I stopped buying it because it has harmful ingredients for our skin. So I bought the Garnier toner, I forgot the name because I already gave it to my friend, the colour of the bottle is yellow. It didn't suit my skin because the formula is milky, and my skin is oily. So whenever I apply it, my skin feels sticky and it's just plain disgusting, really. And the second product that I bought was Himalaya Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask, also caused my skin to have a little reaction, small pimples here and there. And the third product was a face scrub from EverSoft. I'm not gonna assume that this was the cause of my acne breakout but it didn't help it become better either. I also read that apricot face scrubs are too harsh for your face, it might break the moisture barrier of your skin. That's probably it because my skin continued to freak out after that.

           After a few weeks, few cystic acne starts to come out. First, a few on my forehead. Then, my eyebrows got attacked with a bunch of em. Tragic. Hurts like hell too. And then this one week, last month to be exact, I started to over-consume cheese because my parents bought a lot haha (regretting it). I don't usually take dairy-based products because I don't like milk, they're nasty. I also don't usually eat dairy chocolate so my body totally freaked out after I consumed a lot of cheese. So, I tried a few products here and there.

          First I bought Aiken toner and moisturizer. I didn't really like the toner because IT FREAKING STINGS MY SMOL EYES. The moisturizer was okay, am still using it. Nothing really changed but it gives a decent moisture to my oily skin so that's good. Probably not gonna repurchase it though. And then I started consuming vitamin C, got it from Watsons, RM29.90 for 60 tablets. SOUR AF. But my black-ish scars are starting to fade slowly. Definitely going to repurchase. And then I stopped using D'Herbs' Papaya Soap because I think it's also doing no good for my skin. And I stopped washing my face for a while and I used honey as a face wash.

         So three days ago I bought a local drugstore face wash, called Safi Oxywhite. I wasn't planning on buying it though, I was just looking for a mild face wash since I feel disgusted for not washing my face. Icky. And then there's this promoter (old lady so I felt bad lol ignoring her), she was kinda pushing me to buy this face wash so i thought why not. It's for the oily and acne-prone skin formula. And after using for 3 days, the small bumps on my right side of my face is getting smaller. I don't see any changes on the cystic acne but I wasn't expecting anything either. I also bought a clay mask from Nana, a friend of mine. I do feel like the mask was doing a good job at removing extra sebum in my pores so thumbs up for that. So that's all. I'm just gonna finish these 3 products and probably do an update after 2 months. Bye bye

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