15/3/15, 8.34 p.m.

Well holla fellow blessed earthlings! (As if people are reading my blog but wtv)

           This week has been hectic, and it is going to be for the rest of these 3 months because I'm planning on working until the end of May. Here's the story. Last Wednesday I waited for 6 hours for my turn on the driving test and they have NO idea how freaked out we were while waiting for our turns like oh gosh I had 6 hours of adrenaline rush!!!! And alhamdulillah I passed. Hahah I still can't believe it until now hahahahaha

          And while I waited, I got a text from my tuition teacher saying she needed help for her nasi kukus stall. So I accepted the job. And yeah its kind of tiring, but I don't mind since I don't have anything to do even if I stay at my house. So my work starts at 10 a.m-2 p.m, arranging the tables, and fill up the tiny pots for nasi kukus (totally no idea of what're the name of those things) and wrapping the nasi kukus for customers. And sometimes I do small work like going to the store dekat depan and buy some stuff untuk masak and all.

          It's kind of fun you know, the idea of serving good things to people. It's not that tiring, really. I mean I get free food and drinks! Ngeheh. And after my Asr prayer I go back and wash the dishes. And that's the tiring part. But 2 jam je. Okay la tu. I mean there's nothing easy in this world. You're lucky if you get to have things easily and some people like us have to work our a$$es off for the things that we want. But that's okay. So I only work for 6 hours per day, and 5 days per week. It seems like 6 hours is not that long but idk man idk I feel like it takes the whole day. Maybe because sekejap sekejap kut? But I get to have holidays on Saturdays and Sundays! Wee :3

          I might get tired of serving people, I might get hurt by the treatments of others, I might have emotional breakdowns but it's all a part of life, and everything that has ever happened to us is actually moulding us into the person we are today, and in the future. Believe in Allah's plans, keep the positive vibes, keep the ones who make you feel glad that you're alive and stay away from the ones who don't. Be grateful for everything, good and bad things. Alhamdulillah for the things and people who turned me into who I am today, either good ones or not. I mean, I turned out to be so awesome right? Much love xx

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