A little update.

Tuesday, 24th January, 12.45 a.m.

          Hi. I decided to download a Blogger app on my phone for me to get easier access writing because I am terrible at it, obviously. I've decided to write it out here because it is easier than talking about it I guess. This is my first 2017 post and I have literally nothing to say because I've been a zombie in this house, lazing around having nothing to do. I started this habit of going to sleep late AND waking up late. It's terrible, I know. I'm trying to fix it by taking morning walks around the residential area but it has been raining crazily here. The Monsoon season is kind of fucked up, must be something related  to the global warming. The earth is getting old and wary. So I'll probably start my morning walk after the rain stops and the climate from hell comes.

          I'm getting my third semester's result this Thursday and I am totally freaked out by it. I have failed my Business papers for the last two semesters and I can't afford to fail another one because I can't repeat this one. Business has been makig my pointer drop because it is the ONLY paper that I did terribly along all these three semesters. I am forever regretting choosing Business over Geography. It makes no difference except for that I'm pretty sure I can do Geography better than Business. I miss school though. I miss my friends. The ones that I still talk to, and the ones that I don't. But I will never regret my decision for walking away from some people. It is for the best. 2016 has been a good year to me. Depressing, but also kind. I lost some people and I gained many. I just hope 2017 would be a little kinder and the adventures to be a little more exciting. I have more things to write but don't seem to remember the details for now. I am trying to update a little more so that I can go back and reread my own stories. Obviously I still suck at this. Till next time 🐘

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